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Fit Dogs offers a limited amount of in-home, cage-free boarding at both our Toronto home and 55-acre Northumberland County farm. Priority is given to our walk clients.

Boarding clients are integrated with our own doggies and other boarders, and treated as our own – very well, we think! You won’t be surprised to read that the emphasis is on exercise – especially effective for nervous newcomers to forget about their fears and get on with the play.


Fit Dogs regular walking clients: $45/night + HST
Others: $50/night +HST

*All prices effective Sept. 1, 2016

You will be asked to drop off and pick up your dog at the Fit Dogs shop (walking clients excepted).

Getting started

Would your dog be happy with us? In addition to the qualities described earlier in who makes a good Fit Doggie, we ask that all boarding clients be:

  • able to settle indoors without excessive/persistent barking
  • housetrained
  • civilized with indoor cats – no bodily harm or obsessive attention

All non-Fit Dogs clients must be assessed well in advance of any boarding date. This will mean a meeting at the Fit Dogs store with you and your dog, as well as subsequent trail outings.

For more information, please call us at 416-929-9287.

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