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Who can benefit

First-time swimmers

Now that youíre wet


Swim hours


First-time swimmers

Expect to get a little (or a lot) wet! Please bring:

We supply gentle shampoo and conditioner.

The orientation

Your first visit is an orientation session, where weíll give you and your dog a private introduction to the pool. About 30 minutes of the orientation is spent in the pool. We lead your dog into the water, proceeding at his or her pace. Youíre most welcome to take the plunge too, or watch from the sidelines if you prefer.

Donít expect to see any swan dives your first time out. At first glance, the sight of our aboveground pool might give even a veteran swimmer pause. Every dogís different. But with a gentle introduction, nearly all pooches will eventually take the plunge.

Please note that the orientation is focused more on your dog than you (sorry!): getting him or her comfortable with the surroundings and moving through the water is our goal. Thatís why an orientation is required for each dogís first visit to the Fit Dogs facility, regardless of whether their humans have been here before.

Also, please note that orientations are given for one dog at a time. We donít provide orientations for two or more dogs at the same time, although you can book back-to-back orientations. The idea is to provide a quiet, gentle environment and work with each dogís individual pace, and address individual concerns.

Of course, after your dog(s) have completed their orientations, youíre welcome to bring them together for a swim session.

Veterinary advice

If your dog has a medical or physical condition, please speak to your vet before embarking on a swim program. Please note: We are not qualified to (nor will we) give you medical advice.