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Who can benefit

First-time swimmers

Now that you’re wet


Swim hours


Now that you’re wet

Booking future sessions

Now that you and pooch have completed your orientation, you can start to plan future swim workouts. The best way to book is by phone: 416-929-9287 (not email).

Our appointments are available in 15-minute increments.

How long your dog swims in each subsequent session will depend on stamina and confidence. For most beginners, 15 minutes is plenty. However, if you really want to take your time, you may want to book for 30 minutes and up.

Most dogs spend their early visits alternating between swim and rest, just as we would. With regular sessions and your encouragement, your dog’s fitness, enjoyment and general confidence will make you proud.

Special concerns

If your dog is uncomfortable around other dogs and/or people, no problem – just let us know when you call to book the session so that we can ensure everyone’s safety and comfort when you enter the storefront.

Bringing other dogs

Assuming each dog has completed an orientation, you’re welcome to bring up to three dogs for a swim session. In addition to the base appointment fee, you’ll be charged $10 each for dog #2 and #3.